Myogem Health Company S.L. is a spanish healthcare company located in Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona, SPAIN.

The company is a Spin-off of Inkemia IUCT Group, that focuses its attention on R&D and commercialization of new products against Rare Diseases.

Rare diseases have always been treated in a quite different way respect to the rest of the illness, because of the narrow range of company disposed to invest on them and the little attention they receive from the media, the intent of Myogem Health Company is offering to the patients affected by these disease a possibility to have better life through a range of products that aim to improve their health condition and quality of their lives.

Everything started back in 2007 when Inkemia IUCT Group first started its research in Myotonic Dystrophy with a project called “New therapeutic Approaches for myotonic dystrophy: functional genomics and in vivo drug discovery studies”, a Cetegen Project, funded by the Genome Spain Foundation, during which no exploitable results were obtained.

The next project happened in 2009, thanks to the participation in a project called “La Marató de TV3“. That edition that was particularly focused on fundraising for projects for the discovering of new treatments against rare diseases.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to work for everyone suffering from Myotonic Dystrophia (DM), Steinert’s Disease.

We want to support patients with this condition and their families, providing them with new tools and keeping them informed of all scientific advances relative to their treatment.

Our research is focused on new therapies and offering the latest advances to improve the life quality of the people affected by this illness.

We expect to become leading researcher s dealing with this type of dystrophy and, togheter with patient’s support group we would like to join millions of people around the world in their struggle against Myotonic Dystrophy.

During that edition more than 287 projects were presented but according to the proposal of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Fundació La Marató de TV3, just 20 Research projects of excellence have been selected and funded with a total amount of 6.350.999 €.

Among which, our project, named “Development of new treatments for Myotonic Dystrophy: discovery of drugs in vivo, was conducted thanks to the collaboration among three important Institutions.

Inkemia IUCT group, under the supervision of Dr. Josep Castells, The University of Valencia (Faculty of Biological Sciences) represented by the Coordinatoor of the whole project Dr. Rubén Artero and the IQS (Institut Quimic de Sarriá) represented by the Dr. José I. Borrell and Dr. Jordi Teixidó.

Myogem Health Company was established by a mix of biologist, biotechnologists, chemists and pharmacists, brought together with the common purpose of reach this unmet medical need.

From our studies and working experiences we have become experts in the field of Healthcare and Life Science and after several years in research we know how to offer the best products, in the other hand thanks to years hard work we have the expertise of our commercial branch by our side leading us through the market.